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Sex Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Feel sexier, more confident and learn skills to ask for what you want in the bedroom. Overcome sexual hangups to create authentic connection, closer intimacy and a hotter, more satisfying sex life.

This service is a favorite among our clients and is often the key to a happier, healthier life. Sex is a cornerstone of the human experience so when it's going well, we take it for granted. When it's not going well, not only can this be upsetting, isolating and shameful, but it can also bleed into communication, connection and intimacy.

When we face an obstacle or challenge, we are taught to work harder to overcome this. This works in a lot of areas, but with sex, it tends to get people more stuck and deepen existing vicious cycles (i.e. anxiety about performance creating issues with performance which causes more anxiety, and so on). We also tend to live in our heads, worrying about the future, and not feeling present to the current moment. 

Our job as Certified Sex Therapists is to give you the tools and techniques to look at this cycle and break it in a new, creative way. a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at noticing this cycle, where you're vulnerable to fall into the cycle and what to do instead, whenever and wherever issues arise. 

You don't need to struggle alone with dread, anxiety, guilt and shame over your sex life. The first step to freeing yourself from being stuck in your head is a few simple clicks:

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Sex Therapy: Service
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